How It Works

  1. Give us all your ad codes.
  2. We give you one code back to put in your page.
  3. Relax.
  4. We find the right ad code to show when someone views your page.
  5. It's FREE until you can afford to pay.

Browsers, Apps, etc.

Advertisers have different ad codes for regular browsers, mobile browsers, and mobile apps. They want you to figure out when to serve each. Give the ad codes to us instead, and we do the work for you.

Free? Really?

When your site is so popular it takes us significant resources to serve, then we'll ask for compensation. But we won't make any money from your site until you do.

Dynamic Page Support

We can insert ad codes into a page asynchronously so that ads appear on pages loaded by AJAX or awesome frameworks like jQuery Mobile. Most ad codes simply can't do that.